Volvo FM Low Entry

Volvo FM Low Entry is an electric truck with excellent visibility and driver comfort. It´s the perfect choice when you need a high-capacity truck for any city segment, such as waste collection, construction work or goods delivery. Choose from different cab and chassis configurations to suit your needs.

Excellent visibility and comfort

In the driver’s seat, you’re close to the street and the low cab ensures a maximized direct view. As a result, the Volvo FM is capable of achieving even the most stringent safety standards for direct vision.

Enter and exit smoothly

The low-entry cab is perfect when you enter and exit the cab frequently during your shift. The driver can easily enter and exit on the passenger side for improved safety and convenience. In the end, it can make your working environment more ergonomic and even safer. 

Easy to drive

The smooth electric powertrain and Volvo Dynamic Steering as standard make the truck easy to maneuver through narrow streets. The easy driving experience can help drivers get a more enjoyable and relaxed work shift.

Make room for a crew

The Volvo FM Low Entry can be tailored either for the driver only, for one passenger, or up to three passengers. This means that the truck can be used within a wide range of applications – from deliveries to waste collection, municipal operations and construction work.

Tailor your Volvo FM Low Entry

Create a Volvo FM Low Entry that fits your requirements. Waste collection, tipper operations or deliveries? Two, three or four axles? Single or tandem drive? It’s up to you and your preferences.

Ready for the city

In the Volvo FM Low Entry, you’ll enjoy better direct vision than in most other trucks. It can enable your operation to fulfill the most stringent safety regulations for cities. On top of it all, it offers a smooth and easy drive, and you’ll be able to operate heavy-duty transports with zero tailpipe emissions.

Up to 32 tonnes GCW

Up to 200 km range

Up to 330 kW power

Volvo FM Low Entry specifications


Volvo FM Low Entry


Axle Configurations​

Rigid: 4x2, 6x2, 6x4, 8x2, 8x4



Short crew


Gross Combination Weight

Up to 32 tonnes


Battery capacity

360 kWh, 4 batteries



Up to 200 km


Charging time (full charge​)

8.5h with AC (43 kW)
1.5h with DC (250kW)



2 electric motors, I-Shift gearbox



Up to 330 kW continuous power



Suitability for body-work. 3 PTO:s
(electrical, mechanical and transmission)


Features depicted may not be standard or available for all equipment levels and powertrain options.

Ready for the city

Your local Volvo Trucks dealer will have the answer. Drop in, give them a call or ask them to come see you.