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From day one, Volvo Dynamic Steering has provided perfect stability at high speeds, total control at low speeds and reduced the strain on your muscles. Now, it also helps you avoid skidding and unintentional lane changes, lets you set the steering wheel preferences and even offers remote steering control.

Dynamic Steering during your day

With Volvo Dynamic Steering the vibrations and kicks that feedback through the steering wheel while driving on uneven road surfaces are eliminated. Reversing and close-quarter manoeuvring is also made easier – steering wheel resistance is reduced by up to 70% at low speeds. In addition, the steering wheel automatically self-centres as soon as your grip on the wheel lightens.

At higher speeds, the truck confidently maintains its direction even on poor surfaces and in strong side-winds. The technology works with your truck’s hydraulic power steering, assisted by an electronically regulated electric motor that continuously adjusts steering inputs and provides added turning force if and when you need it.

Take the load off

Uncompromising surfaces. Difficult manoeuvres. Challenging conditions. Construction driving can hit your body – and your productivity – hard. Volvo Dynamic Steering makes it effortless. It provides steering assistance and compensates for disturbances, so you can drive safer and smarter. And clock off less tired.  

Less time spent adjusting your settings

With Volvo’s Volvo Dynamic Steering you can quickly choose your steering settings via an onboard menu and start your journey. You can also engage Lane Keeping Assist, depending on where you’ll be driving, at the touch of a button. Stability Assist is always working in the background.

Volvo Dynamic Steering with Personal Settings

This feature allows you to personalise the steering via the Dynamic Steering presets menu. You can choose between a range of pre-set modes or customise the steering setting completely via a Custom menu.

Volvo Dynamic Steering with Stability Assist

If your truck starts to skid even slightly then, Volvo Dynamic Steering with stability Assist steps in and gives you a light steering assistance to help you counter steer and stabilise the vehicle. Sensors in various locations monitor the truck’s rotational speed.

Volvo Dynamic Steering with Lane Keeping Assist

When you drive above 55 km/h your truck’s lane keeping support system kicks in. The system monitors the vehicle’s position using cameras. When it detects that your risks driving outside the current lane, the steering is activated and helps you return to the intended direction. If additional assistance is needed, the driver is alerted via a gentle vibration in the steering wheel, instead of a warning sound.

Effortless driving at any speed

Volvo Dynamic Steering keeps you stable and on course at high speed. And during slow and careful manoeuvring, it takes the steering force for you, no matter the load. In fact, in those circumstances you can steer the Volvo FMX with one finger.

Backwards now as easy as forwards

We’ve taken the strain out of reversing a fully loaded truck. Volvo Dynamic Steering gives you precision and near effortless steering that automatically returns the wheel to the neutral position. And with improved course stability you can reverse without drifting off course.

Arrow straight driving in all conditions

The course corrections you make after braking on an uneven surface? Gone. Kicks from potholes road ruts and markings? Almost undetectable. Volvo Dynamic Steering even balances the effect of strong side winds. So, loosen your grip on the steering wheel – the truck will only change direction when you want it to.

Dynamic driving

Volvo Dynamic Steering with Personal Settings puts you in charge. It’s you who set the steering wheel resistance that fits the driving conditions and your preferences. You either choose a predefined setting or fully customize one. The result – it helps you to get exactly the driving experience you want.

Avoid skidding

Volvo Dynamic Steering with Stability Assist minimizes the risk of skidding accidents. Should the system detect a skid, it immediately adds light steering assistance. This helps stabilize the vehicle – even before you know something is happening.

Stay in lane

Volvo Dynamic Steering with Lane Keeping Assist minimizes the risk of roll-over accidents and collisions with other vehicles. Should your truck unintentionally approach the lane markings, you’re helped back in the intended direction via a gentle steering support. It’s hardly noticeable, but takes safety to a new level.

Welcome to your new cab

Volvo Dynamic Steering with External Steering lets you operate your truck via a remote control. This is ideal for where repeated short movements of the truck is combined with work outside the cab. Your productivity improves, not to mention how your working day becomes a lot more comfortable.


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